Working in North Cyprus

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Working in Northern Cyprus is a topic that almost everyone is curious about. The use of Dollars, Euros, and Sterling in addition to the Turkish Lira and the 2% unemployment rate puts the TRNC in a different category in terms of employment and career opportunities.

If you want to work in Northern Cyprus and have browsed through job vacancy ads in Cyprus before, then you may have noticed that job vacancies tend to be more abundant in certain sectors. In Northern Cyprus, where light industry, service and agriculture are leading sectors, job vacancies also tend to relate to these sectors. There are also quite a lot of hotels and tourism businesses in Northern Cyprus, which makes the most of its tourism potential. Due to the large number of higher education institutions and the hundreds of thousands of students who prefer Northern Cyprus, job vacancies can also be found at these institutions.

How to Get a Work Permit in North Cyprus 

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Kıbrıs Asgari Ücret, Çalışma Saatleri ve İzin Hakları

Minimum wage, Working Hours and the Right to Leave in Cyprus

This article covers the basic working conditions in North Cyprus and contains information on the minimum wage, working hours, and the right to leave in Cyprus.

North Cyprus Job Vacancies

Since job opportunities change depending on the season, those wanting to work in the TRNC should regularly check job vacancies in Cyprus. The country’s economy gains momentum with tourism revenues in the summer and higher education institutions in the winter. This mobilizes the country’s economy in different periods, so job postings in the TRNC also vary depending on the time of year. However, in recent years, business opportunities in Northern Cyprus have increased thanks to the development of existing sectors and the emergence of new ones. If you have sufficient professional experience, you will have no difficulties in finding suitable work in Cyprus. You may wish to browse the job vacancy website of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security: If you are planning to invest in Cyprus rather than work in the TRNC, you should definitely check out the page: Invest in North Cyprus

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