The SALAMIS GARDENS project, named after the Ancient city of Salamis which also gives its name to the area, brings you closer to the sea and history, located only 750 metres from the sea. 

kktc satılık villalar salamis

Designed for a life of comfort 365 days of the year. 

With a landscape reminiscent of paradise and a 200 m2 swimming pool, our homes, complete with their own parking space, are designed for your comfort all-year-round. 

Close enough to smell the sea: only 750m away from the best beaches of the island!

This project that is only 750m away from the sea is also near many hotels and beaches.

200 m2 communal outdoor swimming pool 

Located in the centre of Salamis Gardens, the 200m2 communal outdoor swimming pool is designed for those wanting to cool down on those hot Cypriot days.

Materials, gardens, and terraces that match the cultural fabric

Salamis Gardens houses were designed in harmony with the cultural fabric of Cyprus, inspired by natural architecture. These houses, with their eye-catching gardens and terraces, elevate coffee time to a whole other level of chic and luxury with their gazebos covered in paper flowers. 

36 luxury houses with Turkish deeds, ready to collect

Don’t miss the opportunity to be the proud owner of one of the 36 deed-ready luxury concept homes complete with a fireplace, central generator system built on a 6,700 m2 plot and be part of this house project that is way ahead of the game. 


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Flat for Sale in Yeniboğaziçi

Yeniboğaziçi is part of the Famagusta district of Northern Cyprus. Standing out with its natural assets, Yeniboğaziçi is home to unique beaches, such as Venus Beach, Kocareis Beach and Venus Beach as well as the Ancient City of Salamis. Part of the Cittaslow movement, Yeniboğaziçi is one of those regions that are of interest to locals and foreign tourists. This quality intensifies the demands for flats for sale in Yeniboğaziçi, leading to an increase in the number of viable real estate projects.

Making a profitable real estate investment in Yeniboğaziçi is simple since it is a popular choice due to its proximity to both Famagusta and Iskele. We recommend you check out the Salamis Gardens project before making a decision on buying a flat for sale in Yeniboğaziçi.

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