Esentepe Exclusive: An Extraordinary Lifestyle

Esentepe Exclusive is a living complex with title deeds ready and luxury apartments with sea and mountain views. This complex also has a gym, sauna, spa, and hamam taking ‘luxury lifestyle’ to the next level.

KYRENIA: The Tourism Capital of Cyprus

One of the most mystical and beautiful cities of the Mediterranean, it is also the most developed tourism centre of North Cyprus. Its narrow Mediterranean alleyways surrounding the magical Kyrenia Castle next to the horseshoe-shaped Kyrenia Harbour make up some of the most memorable and gorgeous places of the city. And that’s not all! Kyrenia offers an exciting lifestyle with its many restaurants, entertainment venues, and tourist attractions all adorned with architectural and design features of the Byzantine, Lusignan and Venetian period. 

ESENTEPE: Endless Hues of Green and Blue

Esentepe, one of the most scenic regions of Kyrenia, has a heavenly atmosphere with its azure waters and emerald landscape. These features make Esentepe the region of choice for European investors increasing the region’s value each passing day. 

→ Alagadi Beach – 8 mins.
→ Kyrenia – 28 mins.
→ Ercan Airport – 45 mins.
→ İskele – 45 mins.
→ Nicosia – 50 mins.
→ Famagusta – 58 mins.
→ Morphou – 75 mins.
→ Lefke – 96 mins.



Esentepe Exclusive, located in Esentepe, one of the most decent regions of Kyrenia, consists of 2 rooms, 1 living room, studio and loft apartment options on 25.600 m2 land. This housing project made up of 104 apartments is designed to offer an all-inclusive luxury living space to satisfy all your needs.

Flat Details

  • AC/Mini VRV
  • High gloss kitchen cabinets
  • Ceramic floors throughout the house
  • Marbelite-cast kitchen counters
  • Double-glazing aluminium joiners
  • Wardrobes with sliding doors in the Bedrooms
  • Central Satellite System
  • Central Insternet
  • Central Generator
  • Automatic Security Gate at Site Entrance



We have gathered all the details of excellence in one place for your contentment and happiness.

You will have all your needs met thanks to the restaurant, bar, and mini market conveniently located in the complex. You won’t ever have to venture far from home! From a swimming pool to a sports salon, from a spa centre to a hammam, everything you could possibly need for your peace of mind, body and soul can be found at Esentepe Exclusive.

The perfect living space in an unparalleled place.

Esentepe Exclusive is here to offer you an extraordinary lifestyle with flats especially designed with all the luxury accessories and breathtaking views of blue seas and emerald landscapes.

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Site Plan

Ground Floor Features
esentepe satılık villa - upcyprus

  • Living Room and Kitchen 40 m2

  • Recessed Balcony 35 m2

  • Primary Bedroom 19 m2

  • Bedroom 14 m2

  • Primary WC/Shower 5 m2

  • WC/Bathroom 5 m2

  • Hall 5 m2

  • Communal Staircase 5 m2

Ground Floor Indoor Area:
93 m2

Recessed Balcony:
35 m2

Total Area:
128 m2

First Floor Features
esentepe satılık villalar - upcyprus

  • Living room & Kitchen 55 m2

  • Balcony 26 m2

  • Communal Staircase 24 m2

  • Primary Bedroom 18 m2

  • Bedroom 14 m2

  • Hall 6 m2

  • Primary WC/Shower 5 m2

  • WC/Shower 5 m2

First Floor Indoor Area:
127 m2

26 m2

Total Area:
153 m2

Rooftop Features
esentepe satılık villa -upcyprus

The villa’s terrace provides a breathtaking and magical scenery of sea and mountains. The rooftop, which is as spacious as the house itself, is large enough to sunbathe, read, relax and even entertain your guests.

Rooftop Terrace:
70 m2

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Flats for Sale in Esentepe

One of the most scenic regions of TRNC and Kyrenia, Esentepe has recently piqued the interest of investors with its newly built real estate projects. Esentepe apartment projects for sale are among the most striking and intriguing projects of recent. With mountain and sea views, Esentepe is nature’s meeting point where sapphire blues and emerald greens. The real estate investment value is quite high since it is close to Alagadi Beach and just a 20-25 minute drive away from Kyrenia. When you invest in Esentepe flats for sale, you are also securing yourself rental income in a highly desirable location. Luxury apartment flats for sale with pools and right by the sea are very popular in Esentepe, making them the perfect property for any time of year.

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