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You hold the key to a life of luxury!

Your new villa at AKOL Marine will add a new level of luxury to your life with its fine touches and thoughtful details, like waking up to a view of the Mediterranean Sea and fresh sea air.

A new centre of attraction:

Yeni Erenköy

In the heart of undisturbed nature
Located at the entrance of the Karpaz peninsula, the Erenköy region is home to many historical heritage sites and stands out with its untouched nature and fresh air. It has many great scenic views where emerald greens and azure blues entwine. 

Increasing in Value every day
Over the last few years, the Erenköy region has become a rare focal point for locals and tourists alike. This increases the value of AKOL MARINE with each passing day.



The Karpaz Peninsula has nature views of unmatched beauty. Golden Beach, which is one of the best beaches in the world, gets its name from its golden sands covered in endemic sea daffodils. The peninsula is also home to sea turtles during nesting season. If it is your lucky day, you might even see Mediterranean monk seals!


The Karpaz peninsula is home to many cultures thanks to its rich historical background. While the culture within the region offers a lifestyle of freedom and comfort, this has also greatly enriched its culinary culture. We advise you to try as many local delicacies as possible!

Healthy Lifestyle

The Karpaz peninsula, which will certainly improve your health with its nature and fresh air, is the centre of eco-tourism. These eco homes and eco houses open the doors to a life of health.


The untampered nature, history, and cultural values of the Karpaz peninsula mean that there are many activities to do. It has many trekking routes and nature observation tours. Yachting enthusiasts will be happy to know that the region is home to the only yacht marina. Of course, we are certain that you will discover many other exciting activities to do during your stay here!

Things to do in Karpaz

  • Visit Golden Beach. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
  • Between the azure reflections of the sea, watch the sunset at Ayfilon.
  • Spend a day at the eco villages and get in touch with the Cypriot culture.
  • Discover the mosaics at the Agia Trias Basilica
  • Get a taste of Cypriot delicacies, mezze, fresh fish and sheftalia kebab at one of the many restaurants along the way.
  • Discover the rich biological variety and undisturbed nature of Karpaz by joining a trekking tour.

Things to see in Karpaz

  • Visit the Ronnas Shore and Golden Beach to watch the Caretta carettas lay their eggs.
  • See the wild Karpaz donkeys at the Karpaz National Park
  • Discover the gigantic statues at Yenierenköy from the Archaic period
  • Visit Ayios Philon Church north of the Dipkarpaz village.
  • Visit Aphendrika, one of the most important cities of ancient Cyprus which hosted many civilizations throughout history.
  • You must see the attractive mosaics at Ayios Trias Basilica
  • Visit King’s Hill in Kaleburnu village.

A privileged life built on a 14.860 m2 plot and 9.500 m2 green space

Built opposite the largest and most luxurious marina of the island, it is also the only land with a building permit in the area. AKOL MARINE, built on a total of 14.860 m2, contains 24 luxury villas complete with 9.500 m2 of green space for a touch of nature.

Welcome nature into your home with a panoramic view. 

Thanks to the meticulous architectural design of the project, your home will be surrounded by the sea. You will be able to relax in your 24m2 private pool and enjoy views of the sea and marina from every floor of your home, and later, watch the sunset from your 74 m2 private terrace.

With its calm and quaint lifestyle, every day is a holiday. 

AKOL MARINE, where green and blue blend into one another  harmoniously, offers you the best life no matter the season or time of year. 

Fine touches and thoughtful details will enhance your life by taking it to a whole new level of luxury.

A well-rounded project with a luxury concept. So much more than the villa of your dreams…

Other Features

24 luxury villas with elegant details, private pool, 3 bedrooms.

176 m2

Total Indoor Space

74 m2

Terrace with a View

24 m2

Private Pool

Ground Floor Features
akolmarine Yeni Erenköy satılık villa-upcyprus

  • Living Room & Kitchen 47 m2

  • WC 6 m2

  • Stairway 12 m2

  • Private Pool 25 m2

Total Indoor Space for Ground Floor Flat:
65 m2

25 m2

First Floor Features

  • Bedroom 1 14 m2

  • Bedroom 2 14 m2

  • Bedroom 3 14 m2

  • Balcony 10 m2

  • Hall & Stairway 17 m2

  • WC/Bathroom 6 m2

Total Indoor Space of the First Floor:
65 m2

10 m2

Rooftop Features
akolmarine Yeni Erenköy satılık villa catı - upcyprus

The seaview and views of the marina from every floor adds to the magnificence of these luxury villas, but the view from the terrace is absolutely breathtaking. Plus, it is spacious enough to host all your loved ones!

Total Indoor Space of Rooftop:
10 m2

50 m2

Starter Plan



Expandable RAM

Fixed Memory – 1GB

Memory Cache

512 MB

Number of Visits


SSL Certificate




Priority Support

SLA – 48 hours

The perfect place to live and embark on new adventures.

These images are for illustrative purposes and are not binding. 

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Villa for Sale in Yeni Erenköy

Located on the Karpaz Peninsula, Yeni Erenköy is one of the most striking regions of the TRNC with its clean air and untouched nature as well as its many historical monuments and cultural sites. These are just a couple of reasons for the recent increase in villa projects for sale in Yeni Erenköy.
You can buy a villa for sale in Yeni Erenköy for your personal enjoyment or for investment purposes, which has become the centre of attention for both locals and tourists. Before making your decision on a villa for sale in Yeni Erenköy, be sure to review the project details.

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