Living in Cyprus

Learn all there is to know about living in North Cyprus from those who already live here. Discover the advantages of living in Cyprus that will liven up your social life and improve your quality of life.

What is the weather like in North Cyprus? Is it cheap? Is Cyprus a safe country? Many questions begin to arise for anyone thinking of living or working in Cyprus. Here, you will find out many details on what it’s like to live in North Cyprus, from the education system to the local climate, from the cost of living to crime rates. For those who like specifics, we have also provided statistics.

You will also discover life in Cyprus through stories told by those who have moved to Cyprus as well as local Cypriots. If you are eager to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of living in North Cyprus, check out the articles below.

Kıbrıs'ın iklimi, kıbrıs sıcak mıdır? Kıbrıs'ın deniz suyu sıcaklığı nedir?

Warm Climate & Clean Environment

Take a look at the climatic factors, such as the average air and seawater temperatures in North Cyprus, where pollution is pretty much non-existent.

Cost of Living in Cyprus

Discover how you can lead a life of luxury at a more affordable cost when compared to other European and Mediterranean countries..

Is Cyprus Safe?

Learn more about how the Mediterranean culture reflects on daily life and the privilege of living a life far from harm and danger

Advanced Health Care Services

While North Cyprus seems like a small island country, the prevalence of health institutions, hospital facilities, and its success in handling coronavirus may surprise you

An Education System at European Standards

Gain insight into a quality education at European standards, from pre-school education to academia.

Hear from those who have moved to Cyprus

Hear from those who have moved to Cyprus from all around the world.

What are the locals saying?

What do Cypriots who have been living here for years have to say about life in Cyprus?

Living in Cyprus: Highlights

  • No high costs of living. In fact, quite the opposite!
  • Comfortable climes and clean environment for a better life.
  • Affordable alternatives for a good education.
  • Despite being an island country, it has a great health care system
  • Locals are helpful and hospitable.
  • Each year, millions of tourists visit, so, despite its small population, the opportunities and facilities provided are endless.

Most who have visited North Cyprus want to settle down and live here for one reason or another. In addition to its warm climate and low cost of living, North Cyprus offers many reasons to call it home, from its advanced healthcare system to numerous alternatives for quality education.

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