Is Cyprus Safe?


Is Cyprus safe? Discover the influence of Mediterranean culture on life in Cyprus, the hospitality of Cypriots, and the privilege of a safe and secure life in Cyprus..


Living in Cyprus

Surpassing many countries in the world with its gross domestic product, social services, freedom, life expectancy, and low corruption rates, North Cyprus promises a healthy and peaceful life. Thanks to the helpful and friendly nature of its people (traits of the Mediterranean culture!), even those stepping foot onto the island for the first time are greeted as if they were long-lost friends. You will get to see this even better through social life in Cyprus, which is founded on a culture of solidarity, respect for thy neighborhood, as well as the coexistence of different groups. Cypriot culture is shaped by the core values of trust, honesty, and sincerity

Dining tables in North Cyprus, with golden streams of olive oil and herbs galore, serve a social and cultural purpose as well as feeding hungry tummies. The food culture, which combines the unique flavors of North Cyprus, is a gateway to friendship, brotherhood, conversation, and the pleasure of living together. The hustle and bustle of daily life slows down from the heat of the scorching sun, evaporating the stress of rushing into thin air. While no fanaticism exists in their belief systems, “shame” and “prohibitions” have been long-since replaced by freedom of thought.

Those coming to vacation in North Cyprus generally decide to stay a little longer than anticipated, with some spending the rest of their lives here. Most feel a strong sense of belonging, a feeling most probably rooted in the sincere and warm nature of the locals. In North Cyprus, where it is almost impossible to feel like a stranger, people can easily find any kind of support they may need due to the solution-oriented and hospitable attitudes of locals. The Mediterranean culture, founded on calm and friendly communication, is far from the desire for conflict and chaos, which is why North Cyprus continues to be the #1 choice for those wanting to live a comfortable and peaceful life while increasing the quality of their life.

Is Cyprus Safe?

North Cyprus, where there is a strong trust among communities, makes for an attractive place to live due to low crime rates. In the last few years, increasing terrorist attacks and crime rates in many parts of the world, especially in European countries, have not been the case in North Cyprus. Today, while people are struggling to make their lives safer against terrorist attacks and other crimes, such as theft and murder, North Cyprus is free of such risks due to its location, size, and society. So much so that people in the TRNC don’t even feel the need to lock their front doors.

In short, it is ‘safe to say’ that the answer to the question ‘is Cyprus safe?’ is, “Yes!”

No matter the place or time of day, walk through the streets of Cyprus without a trace of worry.


The streets of North Cyprus are as safe as it gets, so you can walk around freely without a care. The best part is that it doesn’t matter where you are or what time of day it is.


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