Investing in North Cyprus

If you are thinking of investing in North Cyprus, this is the place to find out more about legal procedures and taxation.

When you consider the advantages and incentives offered, potential foreign and local investors looking to Invest in North Cyprus get so much more than a lucky break. The TRNC has long since valued its development policies and offers a range of benefits to private investors for the sake of advancing its potential. The fact that Cyprus does not differentiate between foreign and local inverstors clearly demonstrates its vision for the future. Incentive models that support production, for export in particular, prioritize projects that create added-value and that have a certain level of accumulated know-how that use, and create, modern technology

Investing in North Cyprus: Highlights

  • There is no differentiation between Cypriot and foreign investors. All investors are protected by the Private Ownership Law.
  • Partnership ventures between local and foreign investors are actively supported.
  • Government incentives offered by acquiring an Incentive Certificate allow investors to earn back their total cost of investment due to reduced tax payments.
  • Looking at fixed-capital investments, private sector investments are between 80% and 90% per year (State investments are between 10-20%)
  • Property and tourism investments in Cyprus provide great short-term gain.

What are the government incentives offered for those looking to invest in the TRNC on this page? There is useful and up-to-date information for both investors and entrepreneurs, especially on the advantages of the tax system, free ports and zones, and organized industrial zones in Cyprus. Also; For those who want to invest in Northern Cyprus, Cyprus rental prices in average and divided by cities are so comprehensive for more information 2020:Cyprus Rental Costs and TRNC Rental Homes

Incentives for Investors in North Cyprus

North Cyprus provides incentives in many areas for both local and foreign investors. Learn more about the investment incentives, tax reductions, and benefits offered by free port zones for investors in North Cyprus.

Industry Advice for Potential Investors in Cyprus

If you would like to compare different investment ideas in North Cyprus and find out more about the various sectors in which you could invest, check out our up-to-date investment guide.

If you would like to invest in property, check out our Cyprus Property Guide.

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