Education In Cyprus: An Educational System at European Standards

Find out how to get a quality Education in Cyprus at European standards, from preschool to higher education

An Education in Cyprus, also known as the Education Island of the Mediterranean, offers a multitude of people the opportunity to receive a quality education at every level, from preschool to primary school, from high school to university. The educational foundation in Cyprus, which consists of two stages (formal and non-formal education) is designed at European standards. For more information visit this page: Is Cyprus safe?  

Education in North Cyprus: Public Schools

In state schools, education is free and compulsory for all children starting at the age of 5 until 17. The language of education is Turkish and English, while German and French are offered as optional courses.

In terms of preschool for children who have not reached the age of mandatory education; preparatory institutions lay the foundation for the children’s physical, mental, and emotional development. Both private and public pre-schools, which vary between 1-2 years, provide a healthy educational environment for children who would otherwise not have access to the necessary environment and resources for personal growth and early development. Kuzey Kıbrıs'ta devlet okulu

The primary educational system, which is compulsory for all children aged 6, is designed to teach children the knowledge, skills, behaviours, and habits that will lead them to become valuable and useful members of society. What’s more, the primary educational system sets the foundation for children to develop their interests and skills in preparation for higher education and the real world.

Upon completing primary education, which lasts 5 years, all students continue on to secondary education. The secondary education system is designed to; contribute to the students’ general knowledge, social sensitivity, socio-cultural development; prepare them for the future and higher education, becoming a member of society, and; improve their understanding of the knowledge and skills required for various career paths. Secondary education institutions consist of three years of middle school and three years of various higher educational programs, such as lycee, vocational schools, technical colleges, and others

North Cyprus, where students generally admit to two years of higher education upon completing their high school education, covers all educational costs for successful students with limited financial resources as well as students with disabilities. For more statistics on getting an education in Cyprus, you can check out the page of the TRNC Ministry of National Education and Culture.

On this student-friendly island, there are 21 universities which host international students from over 140 countries. Universities in Cyprus, which have a total of 5,755 academics, are preferred by hundreds of thousands of students each year. While enrolled in university, students benefit from many social rights.

North Cyprus has an abundance of state schools that offer a quality educational foundation, but also a long list of alternative private schools. The agreeable weather in Cyprus provides the ideal learning and living conditions for young children






Private schools offer a more affordable education at high standards in comparison to other European countries.

British Educational System

Access to a British Educational System for students in Cyprus


From east to west, there are plenty of public and private schools all across North Cyprus making educational institutions easily accessible.

Education in North Cyprus: Private Schools and Colleges

Even though North Cyprus is a social state and offers free education in state schools, there are a multitude of private schools to choose from, with colleges following American or British educational systems. Private school tuition fees in Cyprus are a lot more affordable when compared to private schools in Europe and other Mediterranean countries. For details on the cost of living in Cyprus, visit our page: Cost of living in Cyprus.

Private Schools In Cyprus

  • ÖZEV Education School – Nicosia
  • Levent Primary School – Nicosia
  • Near East Primary School – Nicosia
  • The Future American Elementary School – Kyrenia, Nicosia
  • Eastern Mediterranean Doğa Schools – Famagusta
  • Girne American Primary School – Kyrenia
  • The English School of Kyrenia – Kyrenia
  • Kyrenia Doğa College – Kyrenia
  • TED College – Nicosia
  • Necat British School – Nicosia
  • Final Schools – Famagusta
  • Happyland Bellapais School – Kyrenia

Education in North Cyprus: Universities

With over 120,000 university students from all around the world, North Cyprus is uncontested as the place of choice for educational purposes. This number increases by about 3% each year, thanks to the quality of education, opportunities, and the ideal living conditions offered to students.

Universities in Cyprus

  • Ada Kent University – Famagusta
  • Karpas Mediterranean University – Nicosia
  • Arkın University of Creative Arts and Design – Kyrenia
  • Atatürk Teacher Training Academy – Nicosia
  • Bahçeşehir Cyprus University – Nicosia
  • Eastern Mediterranean University – Famagusta
  • Girne American University – Kyrenia
  • University of Kyrenia – Kyrenia
  • Cyprus American University – Nicosia
  • Cyprus West University – Famagusta
  • Cyprus Science University – Kyrenia
  • Health and Social Sciences, University of Cyprus – Morphou
  • University of Social Sciences in Cyprus (KISBU)– Nicosia
  • European University of Lefke – Lefke
  • Netkent Research and Science University– Nicosia
  • 15 November University – Nicosia
  • Rauf Denktaş University – Nicosia
  • International Final University Final Üniversitesi – Kyrenia
  • International School of Business MAnagement – Nicosia
  • Cyprus International University – Nicosia
  • Near East University – Nicosia

Education in North Cyprus offers great advantages among other things. To learn about the cost of living in North Cyprus, click on the following page: Cost of Living in Cyprus  

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