Cyprus Real Estate Projects

If you want to invest in profitable and viable real estate projects in TRNC, here’s where you can find the property of your dreams.

For those looking to invest in livable and lucrative real estate projects in Northern Cyprus, this page includes carefully selected Cyprus real estate projects. Before making a profitable investment by purchasing real estate in Northern Cyprus, we recommend you browse through the page, Cyprus Property Guide.

akolmarine kıbrıs


Your new villa at AKOL MARINE will enrich your life with sophisticated details that combine luxury and comfort, like waking up to the fresh air of the Mediterranean and its breathtaking view every morning.

Karpaz Peninsula

Located in Dipkarpaz, where the blues of the sky and the sea blend into one another, every day is a holiday full of peace and quiet.


Standing out with its advantageous location, Caddemm offers a mix of commercial and residential spaces made up of 4 blocks and 2 sections. Located in the heart of Famagusta, you’re never too far away from anywhere you need to be.

Salamis Gardens

Named after the ancient city of Salamis, Salamis Gardens is only 750 meters from the sea offering its residents a life surrounded by the sea and history.

Esentepe Exclusive

Esentepe Exclusive, located in Esentepe, one of the most decent regions of Kyrenia, consists of 2 rooms, 1 living room, studio and loft apartment options on 25.600 m2 land.

Pure İskele Villas

Located just 1 minute away from the Iskele McKenzie Beach, Pure Iskele Villas is where the beach, park, and forest meet. Situated on the most frequented route of the TRNC, these villas are ideally located in an ideal region.

Twins Salamis

Located in the Yeniboğaziçi Region of Famagusta, Twins Salamis is a villa project close to the sea, forest, and park. Villas in this project offer a total indoor area of 140 m2.

Flats and Houses for Sales in Cyprus

TRNC flats for sale or villas for sale are concentrated in four of the major cities, Kyrenia, Famagusta, Nicosia, and Iskele. There are ongoing construction projects in the Lefke and Güzelyurt regions with recent changes made to zoning and building regulations. Browse our blog for Cyprus house prices or rental flat prices.

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