North Cyprus Holiday Options

Plan an unforgettable Cyprus vacation looking over the magnificent bays of the Mediterranean and its pristine nature.

Offering visitors a mild climate for a significant part of the year in addition to its magnificent nature, Northern Cyprus is a unique location for holiday-goers in love with the sea.

Since Cyprus is an island country completely surrounded by the sea, it is impossible to think of a holiday without the sea when it comes to imagining your holiday in Cyprus. Therefore, the trio of sea, sand, and sun, is usually one of the most popular holiday options in Cyprus. But there’s more to it than just that! With its cultural heritage and local flavours, Northern Cyprus also offers visitors its hospitable culture and culinary tours.

Due to the low cost of living, Cyprus hotel prices are affordable and advantageous when compared to other European and Mediterranean countries. Visited by millions of tourists every year, Cyprus presents options for those looking for peace and quiet with a bit of excitement.

Plan your Beach Holiday

Plan an unforgettable vacation in Northern Cyprus with clear seas and golden beaches.

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Plan your Cultural Holiday

Travel back in time by walking through majestic historical and cultural heritage sites in Cyprus.

These Activities are Perfect for you

Choose from a selection of fun-filled activities that are right for you, from underwater sports to nature walks.

Plan your Culinary Holiday

Discover unforgettable delicacies by tasting flavours unique to Northern Cyprus.

Weigh your Accommodation Options

Before planning your vacation, review accommodation options and choose one that is best for you.

Plan your trip to North Cyprus

If you haven’t made travel plans yet, take a look at travel options to Cyprus and determine the most suitable route for you.

Cyprus Hotel Prices

Cyprus hotel prices offer options that suit different budgets. Accommodation options such as boutique hotels and Cyprus hotels are more suitably priced when compared to many other countries. However, for visitors looking to vacation in the lap of luxury, five-star hotels in Cyprus are an option for those unintimidated by the price tag. To cut to the chase, Cyprus hotels not only provide accommodation suitable for every budget but also provide guests with the opportunity to experience and indulge in perfection and comfort.

Camping Holidays in North Cyprus

Trending holidays set in nature, such as camping or staying in caravans, have started to become widespread in Cyprus. If this seems like your cup of tea, and you would like to plan a holiday where you get to experience the natural beauty of Cyprus, there are camping sites that have recently become popular as a holiday option in Cyprus.

You can browse the Living in Cyprus page or the Cyprus Real Estate Projects page if you would like to spend every day of the rest of your life on holiday.

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