Cities of Cyprus and City Guide

Here you can read up on the most recent information about cities in Cyprus, its capital, and other TRNC districts. Get more information on the beautiful cities and districts of North Cyprus.

Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia, is located on the maritime trade routes of Asia, Europe, and Africa. The largest city of North Cyprus is Nicosia, which is also the capital. Famagusta and Kyrenia, which are on the coast, are popular cities of North Cyprus, while Morphou and Iskele are cities famous for their nature, citrus gardens, and unique bays.

Although we refer to these settlements as ‘cities’ here in the Cyprus city guide, due to its administrative structure, North Cyprus consists of 6 different districts and their sub-settlements.

You will find detailed information about the cities in Cyprus and the history of these cities in the guides below. You will also discover places to visit and see. Check out the guides below for more on museums, local festivals, and natural wonders in these regions. If you are planning a holiday in Cyprus, you can also check out our page: Vacation in Northern Cyprus

Cities of Cyprus (TRNC Districts)


Read more about Famagusta, the mysterious port of the Eastern Mediterranean.


Learn about Kyrenia, the tourist capital of Cyprus.


Find out more about Nicosia, the capital of ancient civilisations.


Discover the wonders of Iskele, where greens and blues intertwine harmoniously.


Find out more about the agricultural capital, Morphou.


Learn more about Lefke, home to every shade of green.

A quick note on Cyprus and North Cyprus

The island of Cyprus is located in the northeast of the Mediterranean sea at 34° 33′ – 35° 41′ longitudes and 32° 17′ – 34° 35′ latitudes. The total area of the island is 9,251 kilometer squares. Its location is of strategic importance in the Eastern Mediterranean and its undisturbed nature and beautiful bays make it one of the most desirable places to be.

Located in the north of the island, North Cyprus stands out with its clear waters and clean air. This is where you will find the best beaches of the Mediterranean. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), visited by over 1 million tourists every year, provides a life of calm thanks to the Mediterranean culture. We recommend you visit the most beautiful cities of Cyprus at least once in your life.

Cities in Cyprus and Transport

You can get to North Cyprus by air and sea. Ercan Airport, which is frequently used, is located in Nicosia. From here, you can drive to other cities in Cyprus. Airline services or private transfer vehicles also offer this service. If travelling by plane from Europe, there is a transfer in Turkey before reaching North Cyprus. Your journey by plane from Turkey to Cyprus is on average 90 minutes.

If you’re looking to travel to North Cyprus by sea, then there are two ports you can depart from, Taşucu Port located in Mersin, Turkey or Alanya Port (Antalya, Turkey) by speed ferry / sea-buses. You will arrive at either Famagusta or Kyrenia depending on your port of departure. From here, you can travel by car or bus to visit the other cities of Cyprus or districts in the TRNC. If you plan on renting a car, you will be pleasantly surprised by the affordable prices.

Warning: If sea travel causes you discomfort or if you have previously had a bad experience whilst traveling by sea, we advise you to travel by plane.


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